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Making Bad News Our Best Friend

Like many of today’s financial services companies, First Command has felt the impact of the economic downturn and precipitous drop in the stock market. But unlike many of these companies we have experienced a relatively smooth ride through this

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Protecting Your Assets

As your personal and business assets grow, so does the importance of protecting them.  If you are like most people, wills, durable powers of attorney, healthcare directives, and trusts are topics you avoid.  Yet, timely planning in these

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In Pursuit of the American Dream

What do we picture when we think of the American Dream? A land of plenty, a land of opportunity, a land where we are guaranteed the right to pursue our own happiness, and a land where, through hard work, we can provide a secure future for our

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Don't let money define your worth

Contrary to popular stories, the 1929 stock market crash did not leave the streets of New York City strewn with the bodies of distraught investors who jumped from windows. Only a few individuals actually committed suicide. Nevertheless, there was

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Putting the Train Back on Track

John F. Kennedy famously said that “victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan.” That historic quote has certainly proven true in today’s troubled economy.  We’ve seen blame placed on many doorsteps. Lots of fingers have been

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Feeling Good About Life Insurance

Wondering how to feel more secure about your finances? The answer could be as simple as buying more life insurance. A landmark research study commissioned by First Command Financial Services, Inc., reveals that having an appropriate level of life

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The Power of a Partner

Like many Americans, I started 2008 with a firm resolve to lose weight. Nothing too drastic – just drop a few pounds by the spring.  Little did I know that my modest New Year’s Resolution would become a 1,200-pound weight loss success story (and

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Financial Security in Uncertain Economic Times:

The squeeze you feel at the pump is more than just your fingers against the handle — it’s a squeeze on your pocketbook. The cost of gasoline and daily goods are among the top concerns of Americans, even more than declines in the stock market and real

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Seven Time-Tested Principles For a Solid Financial Future

Too often, people only examine their financial behaviors during times of individual or social economic distress. But to confidently plan for your financial future, productive money management must be a constant, everyday pursuit. Pursuing financial

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Save Like a Soldier

Newspaper headlines and Internet postings tell the heartbreaking story: » Foreclosures in military towns surge at four times U.S. rate» Congress passes tax relief for military families» Hard up soldiers need food vouchers Here at First Command, we

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