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Life Stages: Starting Out

Ten Tips For Cutting Back on Back-To-School Shopping

As cost-conscious Americans prepare for the annual back-to-school shopping season, military families will be making the most of their paychecks through a commitment to frugal spending. The First Command Financial Behaviors Index® has uncovered a

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Making the Grade

Active-duty service members are a financially literate lot, earning an average grade of 77 percent on a test of financial knowledge jointly commissioned by First Command Financial Services, Inc., and First Command Educational Foundation.

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A Meaningful Dialogue

The news media is filled with stories about how the economy is impacting the personal finances of middle-class Americans. But we’ve seen very little content or conversation that addresses the impact of the economy on middle-class military families.

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Continuing Education

Looking for a second chance to get into one of the military service academies? Greystone Preparatory School is ready to help. Located in Kerrville, Texas, on the campus of Schreiner University, Greystone is a post-high school, college level prep

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Three Tips For Taking Control Of Credit Card Debt

Fiscal responsibility is coming back into style, and military families are leading the way with a commitment to reduce their credit card debt. Military families with household incomes of at least $50,000 pay more towards their short-term debt than

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How To Help A Friend Pick A Financial Advisor

  Sixteen percent of middle-class Americans who don’t have a financial planner say they are likely to get one in 2011. And they may be asking for your help.

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Tax Services Offers Discount to Early Birds

It’s tax season again, and as April 18 rapidly approaches, First Command Tax Services is encouraging its clients to send in their tax information early this year by offering a 10 percent discount to the “Early Birds.” Those who return their completed

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Life Insurance For Your Grandchildren

If you are a grandparent, you’re probably already investing in the financial future of your grandchild. Perhaps you make regular contributions to a college savings fund or tuck savings bonds into their birthday cards. But have you thought about

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First Command donates $250,000 for financial literacy

First Command Financial Services, Inc., has awarded $250,000 to First Command Educational Foundation’s financial literacy program for Texas high school students, paving the way for a national expansion of this important initiative.

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Insuring your child at college

Seeing your newly-minted high school graduate move on to college is a rewarding experience for them and for you. But you may have concerns about the best way to protect your son or daughter from common financial risks. Before your child leaves for

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