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Life Stages: Starting Out

Five Ways To Spend Less On Holiday Gifts

Servicemembers and their families are preparing to celebrate their frugal ways this holiday shopping season. Throughout the economic downturn, the First Command Financial Behaviors Index® has pointed to leaner holiday spending in active-duty

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First Command Sponsors Free Tickets For Military At PGA Golf Tournament

Thousands of servicemembers and their dependents recently enjoyed free admission to and special hospitality access at the 67th annual Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial thanks to a generous sponsorship by First Command Financial Services.

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Financial Planners Inoculate Military Families Against Anxiety And Stress

Military families who work with a financial planner are less likely than their do-it-yourself peers to suffer from health-related issues commonly associated with financial worries.

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Head Of The Class

A high level of financial knowledge is associated with feelings of emotional well-being in middle-class military families, reinforcing the value of financial education in the armed forces. Results of a financial literacy test and survey jointly

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Military Money Matters Delivers Financial Education To Active-Duty Families

First Command Educational Foundation has rolled out a military version of its popular web-based financial literacy program, delivering much-needed financial education at no cost to servicemembers and their families around the globe.

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Don't Overlook Insurance Coverage When Buying a New Car

Auto dealers make it easy to buy a new car these days. And they don’t necessarily let the details of your insurance coverage get in the way of a sale. In many cases, you need to provide only an ID card showing proof of liability insurance and off you

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Ten Tips For Cutting Back on Back-To-School Shopping

As cost-conscious Americans prepare for the annual back-to-school shopping season, military families will be making the most of their paychecks through a commitment to frugal spending. The First Command Financial Behaviors Index® has uncovered a

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Making the Grade

Active-duty service members are a financially literate lot, earning an average grade of 77 percent on a test of financial knowledge jointly commissioned by First Command Financial Services, Inc., and First Command Educational Foundation.

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A Meaningful Dialogue

The news media is filled with stories about how the economy is impacting the personal finances of middle-class Americans. But we’ve seen very little content or conversation that addresses the impact of the economy on middle-class military families.

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Continuing Education

Looking for a second chance to get into one of the military service academies? Greystone Preparatory School is ready to help. Located in Kerrville, Texas, on the campus of Schreiner University, Greystone is a post-high school, college level prep

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